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About Us

Lynne Keyes with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Lynne Keyes is a Professional Licensed Appraiser, Auctioneer and Autograph Authenticator. She has been referred to as “The International Goodwill Ambassador Of Autographs,” as she has traveled world-wide sharing her knowledge and love of Autographs, educating collectors and dealers along the way. Lynne has been dealing with autographs since the mid-1970s, as one of the few licensed female auctioneers in New Hampshire.

She has authored numerous published articles on autographs and co-authored important signature studies such as Robert F. Kennedy. Lynne has completed all 14 courses concerning autographs created for the industry and is past president of the International Autograph Collectors Club & Dealer Alliance.

She has held the position of Head Librarian of the IACC/DA, and later became President of that organization, working with authors and those researching autographs. Lynne has participated in a true life “Sting Operation” in Florida, which resulted in the apprehension and conviction of the suspected forger.

Lynne Keyes with the late, great Sam Snead.

Recently relocated near Gainesville, Lynne also conducts benefit auctions and is looking forward to bringing the joys of autograph collecting to local school children.